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cardsharkdevils's Journal

Riding High
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Okay, assholes-

You have absolutely no right to join this community because chances are you have no idea who the Cardshark Devils are. Go away.

But.. if you want to find out about them, check out the website link and download their songs here. If ya dig it (which you should..), join.

This communitiy is the collaborated efforts of Trish( zxskitchxz ) and me, Emily (rebel_waltz ). aka, i made the journal and one icon(i had to have a cigarette and a nap afterwords), and she did the dirty work and made the other two. my flamming idiocy does not allow me to make any work of art, be it on paper or computer (as you can see with the shitty quality of the icon of Mike H. and Mike F.).
"my name is mike", cardshark devils, cloud city, grease, james dean, mad city hardcore, madison wi, mifflin center, murder city devils, old man willly's, rock 'n' roll, the loft